About Accord

Our company has been providing services across Southern Ontario and the Golden Horseshoe since 2001. The focus has always been providing outstanding customer service and creating trusting long-term relationships.

Our commercial clients include medical offices, shopping mall retailers, office buildings and factories. Residential clients include existing residences and new developments in both urban and suburban settings. Aside from working directly with commercial and residential clients, we also frequently work with large service providers as a sub-contractor. We provide flexible service appointments and are willing to accommodate weekends as well as after-hours requests.

Accord Reconnection Services has WSIB and Liability insurance. We follow industry standards for quality and safety and ensure that all employees go through extensive safety training including arrest and fall.

Manager of Operations

Daniel has over 20 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry managing various cabling and construction projects. He has extensive knowledge of the cable network designs, architectures, and topologies.

Daniel manages a team of staff and contractors, provides projects oversight, labor management, scope of work planning and quality standards compliance. He is a pleasant and clear communicator who is always happy to walk you through the project stages and resolve any arising issues.

The Team

Our core project team is composed of qualified professionals with strong technical wiring backgrounds and experience in performing large, complex cable and wiring installations. Each contractor has extensive safety training and possesses WSIB insurance.