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Looking to expand your technical or installation team?

Our dedicated technicians will provide the expertise you need to quickly and effectively expand your workforce. We have a longstanding history of working with major US and Canadian Telecom Companies.

If you have a cabling project and are looking for a skilled and experienced team, our dedicated technical specialists can implement a variety of wiring and network installation solutions for your company, while providing the highest quality standards. We can help you with any size of project, and we are flexible in terms of working hours.

Accord Reconnection has the expertise and experience in cable installation through drywall, concrete, conduits whether it is a standard drop ceiling or wall cuts are required. We do close the walls holes, plaster and sand with our dustless method. We can also paint it back matching the matching colour, to perfection. We are unique on the market from this perspective.

Our technicians arrive to the site on time, they are polite and wear clean uniform. They will not leave the site without completing the tasks and will clearly communicate if any issues arise. They will obtain approval if any work must be done outside the confirmed scope of work. The premises are always left in perfect order and cleanliness.

Our technicians will represent themselves as members of your companies. They will comply with the confidentiality agreement and will not solicit additional work from customer. At the end of the job we will provide you with clear close-up photos of labeling and cabling. Our client’s satisfaction is our priority.

Accord Reconnection - Contractor Corner

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